I’ve been taking a long, hard, deep look at this troubled world–its pain, its blindness, its needs, and I concluded that what was sorely needed was… another blog about writing.  So here I am.  I don’t expect to save the world right away; with the problems we have that could take weeks.  But I’m going to get right to work on it–starting now. 

I think of myself as a man of words; I love to read them, I love to speak them, I love to write them, I love to listen to someone who knows how to use them.  Words represent ideas and ideas can change people–and changed people can change the world.  Words can entertain, enlighten, strengthen, and weaken.  They can provoke thought, laughter, anger, and tears.  I can’t imagine a world without words.

I also can’t imagine a world without Perkin’s pancakes, but there don’t seem to be many blogs dedicated to that.  And it’s probably a good thing, because what else could you say after “They’re delicious!”?  You see my point.  Pretty boring after the first dozen or so.  But there are so many of you out there who cherish words, and I can tell how you enjoy the craft of arranging them in such a way that they paint a picture, tell a story, or describe a feeling.  We’re very similar–in that regard, at least.  And though we’ve never met and probably never will, we have that in common, we share something, and we can silently smile and nod when we read or hear sentiments like this and think to ourselves, “A kindred spirit.  He or she understands.”

Although I’ve been writing pretty much all my life, I’m brand-spanking new to blogging–so please be patient and understanding while I slog through the mechanics of it and learn–bit by bit–how it works.  I work on a computer every day, but I have a fear of them.  And they can smell fear.  So they push me around and play little tricks on me; they knock all my books out of my hands and snicker–daring me to make something of it.  When I walk into a room of them they nudge each other and point at me.  So I know they won’t cooperate as I learn how to navigate this alien terrain.  They’ll try hard to make me look stupid.  So please remember–if I DO look stupid, it’s the computer, not me.  (As if further proof was needed, I just clicked on spellcheck and nothing happened; it’s deliberately ignoring me)

Thanks for reading.  Please feel free to drop in and say hello.