I have a confession to make: I’m a bibliophile.  I’m never

without a book, I’m never inbetween books (that implies

 “not currently reading anything”) .  When I’m getting

close to finishing one I line up the next one, so I can have a

smooth transition–not a ripple in the water.  I guess that

makes me a chain reader.  


I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have books.  Sometimes

someone will tell me they don’t read very much, or they

can’t remember the last book they read, and I look at them

like they were an alien life form.  That’s as unfathomable to

me as breathing hydrochloric acid.  “What!?  You… you

don’t READ?”


I feel sorry for people who don’t like to read but spend hours

each week watching TV.  Granted, they can make me look

pretty dumb in a TV trivia contest, but I think–in turn–TV

makes THEM look pretty dumb just in general.  Personal

opinion.  Groucho Marx once said, “I find TV very educational. 

Every time someone turns one on, I go in the other room and

read a book.”


I haven’t tried any of the e-books yet, although they look

intriguing.  But I do love the look, feel, smell, and even sound

of a book, so I think I’d miss all that.  Any Kindle or Sony

Reader owners out there who want to sound off?


It’s Christmastime, so after supper each night I read from

a little book that tells stories of true Christmas miracles. 

Poignant, inspirational, sometimes amazing, sometimes a

little hokey–they run the gamut.  But it wouldn’t be Christmas

in our home without something being read each evening. 


What are some of your Christmas traditions?