Hi fans.  Hello?  Anyone out there?  Anybody notice I’ve been silent lately?   Anyone? 

I’ve been getting tan and lazy on Estero Island in the Gulf of Mexico for a week.  Didn’t get near a computer except to check in at work and read one or two movie reviews (I think Roger Ebert is the best writer of all the movie critics).  Mostly sat in the sun on white sand and read “Flags of our Fathers;” which is an excellent book, by the way.  Or strolled the beach with my wife, looking for shells and enjoying the view.  Or going out to (over)eat lots of delicious food.

Tuesday night we stood on the sand watching the sun sink slowly into the Gulf (you’d think there’d be a loud hissing sound and lots of steam when it hit the water); Wednesday night I watched the sun set into the bare trees on the western edge of my property while shoveling snow off my driveway.  I’m still trying to decide which one I liked better.

More to come… I just didn’t want anyone thinking I’d dropped out.