In an earlier posting I mentioned that I’m a political conservative, but that doesn’t mean I think the Republican party will save the world.       

     Generally speaking, I’m suspicious of ALL politicians.  Think about it–their livelihood depends on people liking them.  The temptation to be everything to everyone is enormous, and I can’t imagine ANYONE totally resisting it.  So when they’re with this group, they say this; when they’re with that group, they say that; and when someone catches them at it, they slip into some verbal gymnastics and attempt to say two opposite things at the same time.  Because, as much as possible, they need to satisfy everyone.  If they fail to do that, they will fail to get elected.  Or reelected.

     I voted for John McCain for president, but I’m under no delusion that everything would be absolutely wonderful if he’d won instead of Obama.  They’re both politicians, they’re both used to saying things that they believe people want to hear, and they’re both used to doing what they think will impress the largest amount of people.  That’s the way politics is.  And of course, one of the realities of it is this: you can’t do ANYTHING if you don’t get elected.  So it’s get elected–by ALL means! 

     After all, we’re talking about human beings, average men and women.  And there’s a very thin line between doing what you believe is best, and doing what you need to do in order to get elected.  Sometimes those actions overlap, sometimes conscience and nobility rule the day, and when that happens good things are accomplished and humanity shines. 

     Other times, a politician’s primary focus is on personal gain–what puts the most cash in the coffers, increases publicity, and aids their election.  I’m not pointing the finger–I can’t imagine ANYONE on earth being totally above the temptations inherent in such a system. 

     To be honest, I also can’t think of a better political system.  But since nothing in this life is perfect, then neither is democracy.  It’s made up of flawed human beings–most of them trying to do a good job, all of them trying to get elected.  Or reelected.

     Politicians will not save the world.  It’s too big a job for imperfect men and women, so don’t pin unrealistic hopes on them.  Only God can save us.  If you don’t believe in God, then those imperfect men and women are all you’ve got.  Personally, I couldn’t live with that–trusting in humanity to save humanity is ultimately just a synonym for “hopeless.”