I just read this thought in a book this morning… 

If you’re on the playing field, in the arena, then you’re going to get hit.  You’re going to get knocked down and roughed up.  You’re going to run and sweat and work your muscles.  It won’t be easy. 

The people on the sidelines, on the other hand–those outside of the arena, are completely safe.  The opponents leave them alone.  Life is easier.  They don’t need to shower afterwards or wash their clothes.  They don’t have sore muscles or injuries to worry about.  But it’s because they’re on the sidelines; they’re not involved–they’re spectators.

Which would you rather be?

Difficulties in your life may be a sign that you’re a player, that you’re in the game.  There isn’t much worthwhile that comes easily. 

I like that.  If nothing else, it makes life’s bruises and gashes easier to take.  Put me in, coach.